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2020 Annual Campaign


We’re here to say thank you for all you’ve done to support Neu-Life in the past, and to invite you - if you are able - to join us in doing more.


Dear Friends and Supporters,


This year was exceptional in so many ways. In August, Neu-Life had the immense honor of turning 20 years old. What started as a small safe space and summer activities for Lindsay Heights youth has after turned into a comprehensive agency that supports them in every aspect of their lives - from academic to social and emotional. Neu-Life is now recognized as a top youth-serving agency, and is the only agency statewide to hold a ____ certification.


And in the midst of this, a pandemic. 


Thanks to the support of our community, friends and followers, we were able to navigate unforeseen challenges, take care of our Neu-Life family of staff and youth, invest in protective equipment and operational supplies as well as make modifications to reopen our center safely. 


And then, of course, we did more.


We  recognized right away that we needed to revolutionize our operations and build capacity to deliver our programs virtually, now and in the future. In just four short months, we outfitted a professional video studio where our staff could record youth programs like culinary arts, financial education, and drug/alcohol prevention, as well as host live programs and mentoring for our teens to be together, even when (and if ) we are apart. We could not have weathered this storm without the amazing support of our community and donors.




We’re looking to the future. We’re more committed than ever before to teaching youth the skills and strategies needed to have a successful future. Your gift will enable us to continue saying YES to youth in Lindsay Heights, even as the world around them might be saying no.


With gratitude,

Joann Harris- Comodore                                         Jody Rhodes

CEO                                                                           Executive Director






100% Support from Our Team

Support received from families, friends and colleagues is a vital indicator of our strength and the value of our mission. Not just for ourselves, but for foundations and corporate donors who support our work.


Every single donation to Neu-Life, no matter the size, is put to use creating opportunities for the youth we serve.


The more support Neu-Life receives this year, the louder our message will be ---

Neu-Life is one of THE BEST youth-serving agencies in Milwaukee!


This year, we're proud to share that the Show the Love Campaign kicked off with 100% support from our Board of Directors, a Matching Gift for all staff contributions from CEO Joann Harris-Comodore, and a Leadership Gift from Zonta Club of Milwaukee


Whether you've given in the past or are new to the Neu-Life family, we hope you’ll join us in amplifying the message loud and clear that Neu-Life is here to stay for the youth of Lindsay Heights.

Ways to Give

Give online or by check.


If you prefer to donate by check, make payable to:


Neu-Life Community Development
AIttn: Donations
2014 W North Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53205





Yes. A pledge is a commitment to make a financial gift within a specified time. You can pledge now and make a gift by the end of the year, December 31st. Neu-Life Development Manager Martha Cannon will follow up with you to process your gift.

You can also break your gift into monthly installments by becoming a Sustaining Donor.

Become a Sustaining Donor

We recognize that during these difficult times, you may not be able to donate at your previous level all at once. Instead, consider spreading your gift throughout the year by making an automatic monthly donation. Sustaining gifts help Neu-Life to better prepare for future costs and handle the unexpected challenges of operating in the time of Covid.

Leadership Gifts

While Neu-Life relies on and deeply appreciates gifts of all sizes, leadership gifts are particularly critical to our financial sustainability at this time. We consider Leadership Gifts to be any gift of $500 above, and can be made by individuals, groups or families. 

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