Mission Statement
Our mission is to empower youth with skills and strategies to make better life choices.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to empower children and youth by equipping them with the necessary information, strategies and support systems to have better self-images, develop better life management skills and to cope with their environments by refraining from crime, drugs and other deviant behavior.

Our Locations & Key Staff:
Joann Harris-Comodore, CEO
Jody Rhodes, Executive Director
Tracy Hrajnoha, Director of Partnerships & Community Engagement
Delores Moore, Operations Manager
Martha Cannon, Development Manager

Main Site
2014 W North Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53205
(414) 933-3924
JaQuawn Seals, Site Coordinator
DeVonte Bonds, Assistant Site Coordinator
Guy Irving, Public Ally Fellow
Steven Vance, Public Ally Fellow 
Gwen T. Jackson Early Childhood & Elementary School CLC
2121 W Hadley St
Milwaukee, WI 53208
(414) 267-5633
Leah Noid-Harrington, Site Coordinator
Valerie Hurse, Assistant Site Coordinator
Brenda Roshell, Assistant Site Coordinator
Milwaukee High School of the Arts CLC
2300 W Highland Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53233
(414) 587-3924

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