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Neu-Life's West African dance classes are taught by Ms. Madeline, and incorporate African dances that date back many centuries. While sharing the history, techniques, and discipline for performance is taught, performing is optional and requires an audition.

Nonetheless, in this aerobic and fun dance class all are welcome! Why?! Because we just want to have fun! Also youth will have the opportunity to choreograph, teach, and perform a dance that relates to whatever African dance is being taught at the time (however, there are exceptions to the rule - so see Ms. Madeline if there are any questions). 

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Transitioning to adulthood and the workforce can be a very difficult time for teens. They need to discover their professional interests and understand what sidebarskills they already have or need to develop, but may also have limited experience to draw on in making those decisions. To make matters worse, high school alone rarely provides the necessary skills to enter the work place.

Here at Neu-Life, our after-school and summer programs are designed to provide an uninterrupted path of engagement for kids, offering exposure to a variety of careers and developing the soft skills needed to be successful in today’s workplace. And with 55% of our staff being Neu-Life alum, youth have the opportunity to develop emotional bonds with leaders whose background reflects their own, who have life experience and can provide support and guidance to help them succeed in life and meet their goals.

Each year at our Annual Career Fair, we expose kids to as many family-sustaining careers as possible so that they can dream big about their future and understand the pathway of how to get there. We believe that Career Fair is a powerful way to motivate and inspire kids to stay on the path to college or job training. 

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We’d like to thank the following individuals for sharing their career with Neu-Life youth at the 2019 Annual Career Fair:

Shawn Harris - School Counselor, Verona Area School District

Alfonzon Watkins - Therapist, MSE, CPC

Elmer Moore - Owner, Milwaukee Denim

Brendan Fleming - Chef/Staff Accountant, Aramark

Carols Velazquez-Sanchez - Fire Fighter, Milwaukee Fire Department

Maria Bellman - Solution Delivery Manager, LPI

Danielle Hunter - Nurse, Froedert Trauma Unit

Joni Reese - IT Application Delivery Manager, LPI

Shavonda Sisson - Director of Alumni Relations, Public Allies

Stella Nathan - Community Outreach Advocate, Girl Scouts of Wisconsin



  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at Neu-Life's 2019 Annual Career Fair

  • Donate to workforce readiness programs at Neu-Life

by Chris WIlliams Neueville College of Arts
Building self-confidence 

through sewing and textile arts.

 For teens, fashion is an important means of expression to their peers and the rest of the world about who they are and what's important to them. Neu-Life runs a Fashion Club as an after-school program at High School of the Arts where they can take that self expression into their own hands through sewing, tie dye, jewelry making and more.

Neu-Life sat down with Fashion Club Coordinator, Darla Honeycutt to talk about where the idea for Fashion Club came from, what the kids get out of club participation, and her advice for creating awesome, youth-driven programming.

Q & A
Darla headshot

NL: What is Fashion Club? 

DH: An arts and fashion workshop geared towards Milwaukee’s youth.

Where did the idea for Fashion Club come from? 

DH: From the first workshop I knew that young people had an interest in creating art and fashion. The way their faces lit up made me want to bring Fashion Club to more youth right away.

What does a typical day of activities look like at Fashion Club? 

DH: A typical day is planned prior to the actual workshop. Our projects could range from Denim Distressing to Sewing or Tie Dying clothing & accessories. Fashion Club also offers private sewing lessons for youth. 

What do participants learn in Fashion Club? 

DH: Not only do the fashionistas of the Club learn to design but they walk away feeling more confident and eager to create more. Ironing and hand sewing are a couple more skills that the participants walk away with. 

What motivates you to do this kind of work? 

DH: When I was a teenager, this program would have changed my life. My aim is to provide an outlet for youth to create and be praised for their work and effort. They don’t get that often enough. 

Do you have any advice for others on how to create meaningful and relevant youth programming? 

DH: My advice is simple. Be who you needed when you were younger... Love, Miss Darla

About Miss Darla
Darla Honeycutt is a Milwaukee native with 8 years of Fashion Design experience, specializing in denim fashions. Her brand, Dee Denim offers customized denim apparel to customers in the U.S., as well as the United Kingdom & Brazil. After seeing how much youth enjoy fashion design, Darla took Dee Denim to the playground to teach creativity skills like stonewashing & tie dyeing. Darla is currently a third year college student pursuing her BA in Business Management. She plans to open her own studio that will provide a creative outlet for urban Milwaukee youth. 

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