Farmfork’s production and teaching gardens serve to educate our kids as well as provide home-grown produce for the culinary activities of the program. Spring through fall, outdoor gardening activities combine overlapping themes of cultivating the garden, the self and the community, while also connecting to core science, social studies, math, and language arts where appropriate.

The positive impact of youth gardening programs is well documented. For example, this study highlighted how community gardening led to both increased know-how and a greater belief in one’s own ability to perform a task. (Grier, 2014). And this gardening program in Los Angeles improved willingness to eat fruits and vegetables in Latino youth (Gatto, Ventura, Cook, Gyllenhammer, & Davis, 2012). 

Neu-life has been using gardening as a way to connect connect kids to nature and improve their physical health for over 15 years. They learn important life lessons through the responsibility and hard work required to keep the garden thriving. Because our gardens are located in community spaces, our gardening program often creates opportunites to explore history, cultural heritage, and the broader social determinants of health impacting our neighbors. Our teaching garden located in Alice's Garden, for example, creates a window into learning about Wisconsin’s Underground Railroad.

You can read more about Neu-Life's relationship with Alice's Garden here.


A significant portion of Farmfork's funding comes directly from individuals in our community! Your support each year is important to growing the program. Giving to Farmfork is a direct way for you to support urban gardening and it's many benefits to the community. In 2018 alone, over 1,000 kids participated in Farmfork.



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Each year, Neu-Life youth make and sell art in collaboration with local artists. 100% of the proceeds from art sales support Neu-Life's mission.



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