Welcome to our #DonorAppreciation post! In the spirit of giving thanks - Neu life wants to take a moment to publicly showcase our donors and say thank you for supporting us! Many of our programs would not be possible without generous donations from Zonta Club of Milwaukee, a long time, donor, supporter, and partner.  

In this post, you will get to know a little bit about why Zonta is a rockstar in our community, how they have supported us throughout the years and ways to join forces with Zonta Club of Milwaukee and Neu-Life. Here’s to you, Zonta!  

Read more to find out about what Zonta does and why their support means the world to us. 

What is Zonta Club?

A little background: The Zonta Club of Milwaukee is a non-profit organization that has specialized in empowering women for over 90 years. As advocates for women, Zontians have been committed to raising funds to allocate resources to women in the community.

Zonta focuses on prevention of violence against women but they don’t stop there! They advocate, provide hands on services and raise funds for scholarships to help survivors of domestic violence.  

In an environment safe from violence, women have the opportunity to thrive. Zonta's work makes education, mentoring and financial assistance services accessible, helping women achieve in their chosen fields. 

Click here to find out more about Zonta Club of Milwaukee.

Why is Zonta Important to us? 

Zonta’s impact on Neu-Life’s youth began nearly a decade ago. Over the years, our collaborations have evolved from sponsoring the construction of our art room. Most recently, Zonta’s involvement has reached Neu-STEPPThe Back to School Career Fair and The Holiday Season for Neu-Life Youth

But, what does this really mean for Neu-Life? 

Zonta is responsible for the development of Neu-STEPP, Neu-Life's Sex Trafficking Education and Prevention Programs. 

Zonta’s donations are integral to the development and growth of Neu-STEPP. At the beginning of the year, we collaborated with Zonta to outline goals for creating education that focuses on emphasizing healthy relationships to support community members in identifying early warning signs of sex trafficking. Since then, we completed three pilot programs and incorporated feedback from program participants and the community to refine the program.



None of this would be possible without Zonta. We’re happy to announce that with their support, we have redesigned Neu-STEPP and are starting revisions to print the official toolkit.

Backpacks and Christmas gifts are more than just free stuff. Zonta provides relief to families during the most financially stressful times of the year. 

“We are paying it forward by getting involved with the community. It doesn’t just impact youth, it impacts Neu-Life itself because we play a positive role in the community by packing and giving out backpacks. It helps the youth to prepare for a successful start to the school year and helps parents who might not have their own finances for school supplies. Each year, we are able to put smiles on youth faces. Shout out to miss Donna for allowing us to be a part of their success.” 

-Guy Irving, Assistant Site Coordinator. 

 “Gift giveaways help provide gifts for 50-75 youth. The impact of that is-some of those youth wouldn’t have been given a gift if it wasn’t for Zonta. They help make Christmas possible for young people who may not have otherwise received a gift. This relieves pressure from families during a stressful time.” 

-JaQuawn Seals, Site coordinator

holiday party


This is our opportunity to shout 'Thank You' from the mountain tops, from all of us here at Neu-Life. Zonta, you continue to amaze us with your generous donations, support, and partnership.  

Without you, we wouldn’t be able to support the families in our community, or provide education to keep young people safe from violence.  

We wouldn’t be able to give young people the chance to start out their school year with brand-new backpack stuffed with school supplies, or brighten their holiday season with Christmas gifts.


Get Involved

Do you want to brighten the holiday season for young people? Check out our Annual Gift Drive registry and donate gifts this holiday season!  

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Each year, Neu-Life youth make and sell art in collaboration with local artists. 100% of the proceeds from art sales support Neu-Life's mission.



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