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Dear Friends of Neu-Life,

As a supporter of our organization, you know that investing in children is one of the best ways to build a better community for tomorrow. Thanks to your support, we’re able to go beyond just an education at Neu-Life. 

Take Public Allies Fellow Guy Irving for example. Guy came to Neu-Life when he was 15 years old and credits the organization with keeping him on the right path all throughout high school. “Without role models creating paths for us,” he says, “we wouldn't know how to create our own paths. Neu-Life is here to help develop youth and give them the resources to be successful.” Guy heard about the Public Allies program at Neu-Life and is in his second year of service. He was even recently awarded the 2017 Neu-Life Staff Award. Your contributions have created this, and many other turning points in the lives of Neu-Life Youth. 

Chances are, you know more kids just like Guy who benefitted from an exceptional learning opportunity. You may have seen first-hand the strong foundation it provided and the tremendous impact it had on their success. 
Today we ask you to partner with us to invest in a child’s future. Contributions from the community are a backbone of Neu-Life’s fundraising efforts. Each year these gifts are utilized where the need is greatest. Last year these area included program supplies, staff training and improvements to our facilities. This year, the need is greatest in making improvements to the technology we use to teach our kids. 
We’re so grateful for support of our organization and hope you will support Neu-Life Community Development by making a year-end gift. In joining us, you provide kids an opportunity to learn in a safe environment, make better life choices, and develop a strong sense of community. We count on your support- now more than ever - to continue being a turning point in the lives of children. 
We can't do this great work without your help.  From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you for your continued support. Your charitable contribution of any size can and will influence the lives of youth. Please donate by check (payable to Neu-Life Community Development) or online at   

With gratitude and appreciation,

Joann Harris-Comodore, CEO                                Jody Rhodes, Executive Director  

P.S. You can also donate items on our Amazon Wish List. All cash and in-kind donations are fully tax exempt.

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Help Us Be a Turning Point in a Kid’s Life

Neu-Life Community Development empowers youth from diverse backgrounds with skills and strategies to make better life choices. 


How Would You Like to Make a Difference Today?

             $50 Purchases school supplies for one semester

              $75 Provides a healthy dinner for 40 kids

              $125 Serves 250 kids an after school snack for one month 

              $500 Sponsors the basketball team

Contributions to Neu-Life can be made by clicking the yellow “Donate” button to your right or by sending our Pledge Form along with a check made out to Neu-Life Community Development to:

Neu-Life Community Development
Attn: Donations
2014 W North Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53205

Thank you for your generous support!


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